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Human issues are a natural occurrence in business. When they arise, it is essential to have systems in place for them to be resolved early and fairly.

OutsideAssist is a software and services firm that deploys both the reporting tools and the mediation team needed to help organizations identify and solve human issues.

Reporting Tools

Our reporting software gathers the necessary information for OutsideAssist’s mediation team to document issues and escalate them to the correct contacts inside of an organization.

All reporting functionality is hosted on a secure page with custom URL, image, phone number, and code of conduct. Reports can be submitted via phone call, text message or online form.

Each report submitted through our online form generates a unique secret key so those who wish to retain some level of anonymity can reference it should they wish to continue the conversation at a later date.

Experts in Mediation

OutsideAssist’s mediation team acts as a neutral third party when receiving submissions through the reporting software. This reduces friction that normally prevents issues from being reported until they have gotten far worse.

Our mediation team has combined experience in Trust & Safety and HR functions at successful startups, nonprofit crisis hotlines, and the federal government. Team members are trained to ensure strict adherence to routing and any other special requirements for each business that partners with OutsideAssist.

Custom Issue Routing

Every business is different. Setting up issue routing is a core focus of our onboarding process.

OutsideAssist works with each firm to determine who should be receiving notifications about different types of reports. We plan for contingencies so our system can intelligently handle report conflicts in case primary contacts are ever the subject of report submissions.


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