Partners Program

Startups struggle to get culture right as they grow and end up with a much harder problem to solve later on.

We build tools and services to help startups avoid growing pains and address organizational challenges proactively.

We're dedicated to helping you avoid preventable issues and address any challenges that arise early and fairly.

Simply put: we're in your corner. We're your partners.

To learn about joining our Q1-2018 batch send us an email or call (650) 564-7523.

Your First Month.

Our hands-on training sessions in January will help you create values statements, hiring processes, and a code of conduct so you can hit the ground running and make the most of the new year.

"I started using your advice for improving diversity in our hiring process and have had great results. Looking forward to going further into the program!" — CEO in our program

Think of us as your personal operations expert. Beyond training, we provide the tools, guidance, and resources you need to be successful at every stage of growth.

Our support includes:

Foundations - Hands-on training to construct or refine your Code of Conduct (values, policies, and procedures) and other key documents. We revisit and refine yearly.

Resolutions - Reporting tools for employees to bring up issues so they can be addressed early and fairly. Year-round

On Call - Support with anything related to making your organization run smoothly including hiring, employee handbook, 3rd party investigations, and diversity initiatives. Year-round, same-day response

1:1s with executives - In-person if Bay Area, NYC, or Boston. Quarterly

Dedicated Company Slack channel - Year-round

Onsite employee training event - Yearly

Employee surveying - Benchmarked against previous results and aggregate data from other OutsideAssist partners. Quarterly

Employee onboarding guidance - Yearly review

Invitations to dinner events for your executives - Participation limited to OutsideAssist partners.

Website badge - Being a partner means you will have implemented best practices to protect both your company and your team. Add the partner badge to your website to show that you have attained this high level of responsibility.

To learn about joining our Q1-2018 batch send us an email or call (650) 564-7523.