Establish a strong company culture.

Office Hours for early-stage startup founders.

Generously hosted by our friends at AngelList


A lot of founders want to do good, but are worried about putting their feet in their mouths, asking a question that may feel obvious, or admitting they don't know how or when to start. We have handled these concerns before for companies of all sizes and are not here to judge. Asking a question is the first step to finding a solution. We're here to help

Our team will be here to answer startup culture questions like:

  • What do other companies do and are we doing any of this right?
  • Why should I have a Code of Conduct at my stage? Why does it matter?
  • How can I increase the diversity of candidates in my hiring pipeline?
  • What are the most common startup mistakes and issues that arise?
  • What are the various ways I can provide the best support for my employees?

Date: Friday, November 17th
Time: Time slots available between 9 AM and 5 PM PST
Location: AngelList HQ in SF


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We look forward to meeting you.


Matthew Yazzie

Matthew has a deep understanding of operations, and has helped a number of successful companies with their diversity and inclusion strategy, human resources, and partnerships. Prior to OutsideAssist, Matthew worked as COO at Jurispect, a regulatory compliance company focused on providing banks with real-time data for changes in financial regulation.

Previously, he worked towards intelligent immigration reform as COO of and was on the Global Ethics and Compliance founding team at Google, where he had responsibility for training and investigations, metrics, and compliance technology procurement. Matthew currently serves as an Advisor to the Board for Project Include.



Julian Weisser

Julian is an online-to-offline product and services expert who specializes in building digital experiences that interface with the real world.

Prior to OutsideAssist, Julian founded Within Health, an onsite health coaching program offered as an employee wellness benefit at top companies in Boston. Julian has a deep understanding of the key stakeholders across the startup ecosystem.