Your Ethics Page

Get an ethics page on your website (

This makes sure employees and partners can easily find it — and allows them to see your commitment to ethical behavior. 

Your Ethics Line

Have your own phone number for ethics complaints, manned by our team. 

Calls will be answered with your company name, and information recorded according to our professional investigation standards. All complaints are kept 100% confidential and shared only with your pre-approved management team.

Complaints can also be submitted via text message or an online form on your ethics page.

Your Reports

We will pass reports about complaints to whomever you specify in your organization.  That can include HR, a Chief Operating Partner, upper management, board members, or anyone you like.

Our reporting system intelligently handles report conflicts. For example, if a particular complaint is about the head of HR, we will send anything about that complaint to the CEO instead of the head of HR.  With OutsideAssist, you can be assured that every report will go to the right person and stay 100% confidential.

OutsideAssist can also send monthly summaries of all incidents to specific users. Using this feature, you could have managers resolve issues in their departments, but allow the CEO to be sure that no complaints are being hidden or unaddressed.

Our Investigations

When necessary, we get your authorization to begin an independent investigation.

By using OutsideAssist (an independent third-party) for investigations, you can have both peace of mind and future legal defense, that you took care to make sure the investigations were handled properly and that nothing was swept under the rug.

All of our investigations are confidential, thorough and kept private. We prepare a comprehensive report after the investigation and deliver it to your pre-approved management team. These reports enable you to take confident, decisive actions.

We never share information about any complaints or reports with anyone you have not explicitly pre-approved.

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