Foundations by OutsideAssist


Construct a solid culture for rapid growth.

Foundations is a program intended for early-stage startups preparing to expand their team.

This program combines hands-on expert guidance and software to ensure your startup has the proper building blocks in place to construct a scalable company culture. Together, we’ll implement a framework that will drive your startup’s behavior.

Your values and principles illustrate what makes your company unique and shows your team, customers, investors, and potential hires, exactly what you stand for. Your code of conduct shows how your company conducts business and how you’ll handle issues when they arise.

Be Early: Without a proper foundation at the start, growth can destabilize your organization and cause issues along the way that distract from your mission.

Be Confident: Know you have a solid foundation based on policies used by the most successful tech companies.

Be Great: With a solid foundation, your company can focus on building great products without worrying about avoidable issues.

Upon completing Foundations, we’ll help your startup implement our first tool—Resolutions—to help you address workplace issues early and fairly.


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