Connective is an ethical company.

Our commitment to acting ethically runs deep, and each of our employees must sign a code of conduct to treat customers, co-workers, suppliers and competitors fairly.

We don't do this just because it's good business, we do it because it allows us to look you in the eye and promise that you'll always be safe and you'll always get a fair deal with us.

Our ethical commitment to you is driven by a few simple guiding values:

  1. Treat everyone as you'd expect to be treated
  2. Where possible, treat everyone better than you'd expect to be treated
  3. Never put personal benefit above the commitments you've made to this organization and our customers
  4. Never offer or accept bribes, or anything that could be construed as a bribe
  5. Be kind and be humble

Here are our ethical policies, which each of our employees has committed to uphold.

  1. Employee Code of Conduct
  2. Guide to Ethical Customer Relationships
  3. The Co-Worker's Bill of Rights
  4. Policy for Ethical Supplier Treatment

File an ethical conduct complaint:

If one of our team members has failed to live up to our ethical standards, please let us know immediately. We take ethical behavior very seriously and will investigate all reports promptly.

Your complaint will be kept 100% confidential. It will be managed and investigated by Connective Partners, and independent company that helps us ensure that each complaint we receive is handled in an unbiased and thorough manner.

You can file a complaint using the form below or call Connective's ethical hotline at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

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